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Voldemort vs dumbledore

Lord voldemort ( / ˈ v oʊ l d ə m ɔːr /, / - m ɔːr voldemort vs dumbledore t / in the films; born tom marvolo riddle) is a fictional character and the main antagonist in j. Rowling' s series of harry potter novels. Voldemort first appeared voldemort vs dumbledore in harry potter and the philosopher' s stone, which was released voldemort vs dumbledore in 1997. Scenario 2 it' s not a fight it' s a vs on their tactital, strategical, political sense in the achievement of their goal. For grindelwald and voldemort: power and the implementation of their ideology ( pure- blood for voldemort, voldemort vs dumbledore domination voldemort vs dumbledore of moldu by wizard for grindelwald). This is never more apparent than in his complex insights into voldemort' s psyche, which he pieces together with harry to deduce where voldemort' s horcruxes are hidden. Dumbledore' s appearance hides a more steely aspect: " at that moment, voldemort vs dumbledore harry voldemort vs dumbledore understood for the first time why people said dumbledore was the only wizard voldemort had ever feared. Voldemort, " i whispered. He appeared from thin, smoky air.

" stay back, " i ordered. With a flush of courage, i rose from y/ n' s side. I pulled out my wand. Y/ n’ s father, dumbledore, arrived. I knew he had a strong bond with her. He could most certainly tell when she needed voldemort vs dumbledore help. Voldemort voldemort vs dumbledore realized the new threat. Dumbledore is considered more powerful because he doesn' t need to kill or use other people to voldemort vs dumbledore gain magical prowess like voldemort.

The reason voldemort vs dumbledore why dumbledore' s the only voldemort vs dumbledore one voldemort ever feared is because dumbledore knows all of voldy' s secrets and weaknesses. 7 dark voldemort theories that completely change the harry potter movies - duration: 11: 29. How voldemort vs dumbledore powerful is albus dumbledore? | geek talk - duration: 3: 36. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Dumbledore voldemort vs dumbledore conjured a huge whip of fire and sent it at voldemort, not even waiting to see what happened before casting depulso on the debris voldemort vs dumbledore that voldemort' voldemort vs dumbledore s latest attack had created, sending it flying back at voldy. Voldemort quickly turned the debris into sand, flinging it at dumbledore' face and replied to the fire whip with a shield voldemort vs dumbledore of ice. Wiz: tom riddle aka lord voldemort voldemort vs dumbledore is the most powerful wizard ever. Boomstick: but despite this, he doesn' t have a freaking nose! Wiz: voldemort is a voldemort vs dumbledore very powerful wizard, wielding voldemort vs dumbledore the all mighty elder wand, which he stole from dumbledore. It is the most powerful wand in the harry potter universe.

Dumbledore and voldemort fiercely duel while harry can only watch. Voldemort hurls a killing curse directly at dumbledore, but fawkes voldemort vs dumbledore voldemort vs dumbledore flies between them, taking the curse and falling to the floor. Voldemort seemingly vanishes, but then enters harry' s mind and, using harry' s voice, demands that dumbledore kill him by killing harry. Dumbledore was not really a leader of anything besides hogwarts; he did not rally whole nations against voldemort. He gave up his life, but only because he had been cursed. It was more suicide than self- sacrifice. Doing so did not achieve anything positive. After voldemort' s defeat, and in order to keep control of harry dumbledore enacts a marriage contract between harry and ginny. Bound by pureblood traditions, harry can only use that to his advantage. Not a harry/ ginny fic. Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards in the world and has the honour of being an elder wand wielder.

Since he defeated both voldemort and grindelwald, he will set the benchmark for the two. Throughout the films and books, voldemort has displayed a distinct fear for dumbledore, seeing him as both an authority voldemort vs dumbledore figure and genuine threat. It was through dumbledore that resistance to the rise of lord voldemort was formed, as it was he who founded and led both voldemort vs dumbledore the first and second order of the phoenix. Due to the voldemort vs dumbledore fact that he voldemort vs dumbledore voldemort vs dumbledore had a keen mind and legendary power, dumbledore became the only wizard that voldemort ever feared. When grindelwald and dumbledore fought ( they were voldemort vs dumbledore aged respectively), dumbledore said that he was a ‘ touch more skilled’ and when dumbledore and voldemort fought in order of the phoenix, voldemort was only 70 meanwhile our fluffy beard boiii ( aka dumbledore) was 114 years old, he was slower, voldemort vs dumbledore weaker and his reflexes weren' t as good. Dumbledore won initiative.

Let' s chalk it up the the elder wand. Just so we' re all clear, the win conditions are asymmetric here. Voldemort wins if harry and dumbledore die, dumbledore wins if voldemort is alive when the minister of magic arrives in an voldemort vs dumbledore unspecified number of rounds. Dumbledore is fully aware that he cannot kill voldermort, but. The final memory involving voldemort that harry and dumbledore contend with in book 6 is a big one. In slughorn' s memory they watch as a teenage tom learns about horcruxes, a kind of incredibly voldemort vs dumbledore dark magic that allows its wielder to divide his soul and encase it in a vessel and, thus, evade death. Dumbledore eventually destroys him. He basically beat riddle in their duel in the atrium, and with no cis holding voldemort vs dumbledore him back along with the elder wand to boot, he would end up annihilating voldemort.

Remember, dumbledore was the only one voldemort ever feared, and for good reason. The majority of harry potter readers automatically assume that dumbledore must be a better wizard than voldemort, because dumbledore voldemort vs dumbledore is " good" and voldemort is " evil. " however, would tom riddle' s prematurely developed skills demonstrate that voldemort was inherently a better wizard than dumbledore? For seven books and eight movies, voldemort had been the name synonymous with evil in the wizarding world created by jk rowling. But that all changed with the voldemort vs dumbledore fantastic beasts series, where voldemort vs dumbledore we are finally getting to know gellert grindelwald, the voldemort vs dumbledore dark wizard who was wreaking global havoc when tom. Harry potter fans everywhere know that voldemort is the name feared beyond any other in the wizarding world. With a flick of his wand, he literally has the power to destroy anybody.

However, dumbledore, the headmaster of hogwarts, is arguably one of the greatest and most powerful wizards of all time. If these two masters. Tom marvolo riddle, better known as voldemort, or he- who- must- not- be- named, is the leader of the death eaters and considered by many to be the greatest dark wizard of all time. Born through the use of a love potion and descended from salazar voldemort vs dumbledore slytherin, voldemort used his immense power and. Dumbledore is far smarter than voldemort in terms of planning, but voldemort pushed the limits of what voldemort vs dumbledore a wizard could do. He pushed the limits of humanity. Now in terms of voldemort vs dumbledore actual wand skills, young dumbledore was likely more powerful. But dumbledore at the times of the books was not as powerful as voldemort. The perfect harrypotter orderofthephoenix dumbledore animated voldemort vs dumbledore gif for your conversation. Discover and share the best gifs on voldemort vs dumbledore tenor. Good vs evil” aside, i feel that analyzing the effectiveness of voldemort vs dumbledore based on their given traits is insightful in seeing who may have been the better leader of their given side.

I will be utilizing the big five traits associated with leadership to assess the strength of voldemort and dumbledore. Feats from books and movies are allowed voldermort and dumbledore' s army are as voldemort vs dumbledore they were in harry potter and the deathly hallows voldermort wants to kill. Even if he did ( or during second war, when he did), horcruxes merely prevent voldemort' s soul from leaving the voldemort vs dumbledore world when his body is killed - meaning that they would not prevent dumbledore from capturing voldemort; or from killing his body to give the order a temporary win, during which they could round up death eaters and deprive voldemort of. Firstly, voldemort’ s reticence to confront an obviously powerful opponent like dumbledore doesn’ t mean he was the weaker of two – it simply means he was opposed to taking needless risks.

Secondly, when dumbledore triumphed over voldemort, he was wielding the elder wand, which greatly amplified his already considerable voldemort vs dumbledore talents. Voldemort, though, is a character we voldemort vs dumbledore fear. In addition to the good vs evil factor, dumbledore voldemort vs dumbledore is a genius while voldemort, though intelligent himself, is not at that level. So that might account for some of the other differences between the voldemort vs dumbledore two men. Here are 20 things that dumbledore can do ( that voldemort can' t).

Albus dumbledore tries to stun lord voldemort in the voldemort vs dumbledore atrium of the ministry of magic. In the video game for consoles, playstation, pc, wii, xbox, dumbledore arrives and duels with voldemort. There are four stages for the player to complete. The player as dumbledore duels voldemort using the spells learned in the game in stage 1. Dumbledore actually states in the books that it is unlikely the dark lord would even be able to wield the hallows’ power because voldemort vs dumbledore of his crippling fear. With that, voldemort isolates the elder wand as his strongest desire and sets out to find it so as voldemort vs dumbledore to become the most powerful dark wizard in history.

Dumbledore' s plan works well in giving harry voldemort vs dumbledore protection from the external danger of voldemort. The plan also gives him an ordinary life. This ordinary life is a protection from the spiritual voldemort vs dumbledore danger of pride, while being an aid to humility. Voldemort does not escape this voldemort vs dumbledore danger. Voldemort from the battle of the department of mysteries. Dumbledore, but in more ways than one.

We already know of dumbledore’ s legendary duelling ability from his defeat of gellert grindelward, the terrifying dark lord of europe, when his erstwhile friend held the elder wand. Harry potter voldemort vs dumbledore vs lord voldemort comparison. Lord voldemort is harry potter' s arch nemesis in j. Rowling' s harry potter series of novels and the films based upon them. It was speculated by harry potter that grindelwald had given his life to prevent voldemort from desecrating dumbledore' s tomb, perhaps indicating that despite all that happened, grindelwald still voldemort vs dumbledore retained some care and respect for his old friend and lover. Dumbledore' s acknowledgement of grindelwald' s attempt voldemort vs dumbledore to achieve redemption also.

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