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star wars: the last jedi ( also known as star wars: episode viii – the last jedi) is a american epic space- opera film written and directed by rian johnson. it is the second installment of the star wars sequel trilogy, following the force awakens ( ), and the eighth episode of the nine- part " skywalker saga".
and star wars: the last jedi director, rian johnson loves it. in fact, he gave it his seal of approval earlier today.
this trailer is part of a joblo videos series called 8- bit videos, which depicts recent trailers as 8- bit or, in this case, 16- bit video games, complete with cheesy graphics and video game music. spoiler warning: this article contains major spoilers for star wars: the last jedi, in theaters now. just weeks after star wars: the last jedi hit theaters, animator john stratman has recreated the climactic encounter between kylo ren and his former master luke skywalker in 16- bit, pixelated glory. remember snoke' s throne room scene from star wars the last jedi?
well this is that but in a 16 bit scene! the animation was done by com/ strat. disney details george lucas’ scrapped third star wars trilogy. according to the art of star wars: the last jedi book.
the first meetings to visualize the force awakens happened on january. easiest 5 stars every.
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